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Calistoga Elementary School Youth Specialist

The Calistoga Elementary School Youth Specialist is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of youth in grades TK-8th, through delivery of individual and group services using the Second Step curriculum and restorative practices. Second Step fosters social-emotional learning that can build stronger communities and support inclusive, equitable learning experiences. The Youth Specialist will also facilitate student and family referrals to various resources, and provide parenting education services. [click here for more information and to apply]

Youth Diversion Coordinator

The Youth Diversion Coordinator will work closely with local law enforcement, school officials and associated agencies to facilitate the Youth Diversion Program, as an alternative to youth being processed into the juvenile court and probation system. The Youth Diversion Coordinator conducts, coordinates, and oversees the youth’s participation in the Juvenile Diversion Program, which involves, but is not limited to counseling, education, 40 hours of community service, consequences (i.e. restitution to victims), behavior modification, and positive activities and lifestyle choices in lieu of being processed directly into the court system. [click here for more information and to apply]