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Overview: Family Resource Center Model

The UpValley Family Centers are based on a family resource center model of serving families and communities.  The information below comes from the Vehicles for Change booklet published by the Department of Social Services, State of California.

Family Resource Centers are a key prevention strategy for addressing many of the challenges that face families.  To improve outcomes for both families and communities,  family resource centers bring together services and activities that educate, develop skills and promote moving in healthy directions for families.  They also identify and nurture strengths in communities.  Family Resource Centers serve as bridges between professional service systems and voluntary support networks.  Programs evolve in response to stated needs of community members.  The family resource center model is a prime approach and key strategy in preventing poor child and family outcomes.

Serving as the one-stop-shop in our local communities, we offer  help to any and all families to access what they need.  We provide information and referral, application assistance, translation, case management, legal services, housing, and more.