Youth Development

Through partnerships with local schools, we offer youth services that include the Student Assistance Program, mentoring, drug/alcohol counseling, leadership development and more.

Mentoring Programs – CLARO & CLARA – Still working on this component

Student Assistance Program, Calistoga (can click on this to get info below)

What is the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?
Students with overwhelming obstacles in their lives have someone they can turn to for help. The Calistoga Student Assistance Program Coordinator assists students to overcome hurdles in their lives and helps them on their way to personal and academic success. Working with school staff and community partners, SAP identifies students with academic, behavioral, social and/or emotional challenges and works towards finding positive solutions. We connect students and families to therapeutic services, substance abuse services, tutoring services and more. The Student Assistance Program convenes regular meetings with our partners to work collaboratively on addressing the needs of students in a holistic manner.

Who Do We Work With?

  • Aldea – Substance Abuse Support Groups
  • Family Services of Napa Valley
    • Therapists available on Mondays and Fridays
  • Calistoga Police Department
  • Boys & Girls Club
    • Diversion6/29/14
    • Teen Center
  • Calistoga Joint Unified School District
  • Calistoga Junior-Senior High School
    • Teachers
    • Administrators
    • Counselor
    • School Psychologist & Mental Health Specialist