Community Liaison Calistoga

The Community Liaison greets clients by phone or in person, and provides information and guided referrals for a range of resources, working primarily in UVFC’s office on the Calistoga Elementary School campus. The Community Liaison works collaboratively with UVFC staff, school personnel, partner organizations, and service providers to address community needs. They are the first person clients come into contact with at the Center. It is the Community Liaison’s responsibility to help families feel comfortable, listen and assess needs, and provide clients with information and assistance. They also manage the overall operations of the Center. The Community Liaison also supports activities in UVFC’s Economic Success and Family Health and Wellness Programs. The Community Liaison is supervised by UVFC’s Family & Senior Wellness Program Manager. This position is ideal for a person who enjoys working with diverse populations, likes to problem-solve, and gets satisfaction by connecting people with information and resources. [click here for more information and to apply]

Student Wellness Outreach Specialist 

The Student Wellness Outreach Specialist is stationed on the St. Helena High School campus and provides support for the St Helena High School Wellness Center including planning, organizing, coordination and supervision of prevention education programs for students and their families to address non-academic problems that interfere with the students’ ability to be successful in school. The Student Wellness Outreach Specialist greets and triages students; serves as a liaison with community providers, and provides organizational support for wellness-related services, school events and partnerships; schedules student appointments, connects students to the Student Assistance Program; collects documentation and keeps track of data. The Student Wellness Outreach Specialist reports to UpValley Family Centers’ Education Program Manager. [click here for more information and to apply]

Youth Program Coordinator, CLARO

The Youth Program Coordinator supports the well-being of youth through individual and group services and coordination of prevention activities. The Coordinator leads a weekly mentoring group called CLARO (Challenging Latinos to Access Resources and Opportunities) for adolescent boys in middle and high school, and works in alignment with the Youth Program Coordinator for CLARA (adolescent girls). The Coordinator facilitates referrals to services for students and families, provides parent education, and conducts community education activities to prevent youth drug and alcohol use. The Program Coordinator works with colleagues to convene a broad-based coalition of stakeholders called the UpValley Partnership for Youth to execute on collaborative goals. The Coalition uses the collaborative strength of parents, youth, and community members to address, prevent, and combat problems relating to youth alcohol and marijuana use. The Youth Program Coordinator reports to the Education Manager. [click here for more information and to apply]

Childcare Specialist

UpValley Family Centers (UVFC) seeks a Childcare Specialist to supervise children’s activities for parenting education workshops as scheduled. The childcare specialist will ensure a safe, engaging and positive environment for children. [click here for more information and to apply]